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Served daily between 5pm till late

Food Menu

Edamame image


Green beans with salt


Yum Yum Cauliflower image

Yum Yum Cauliflower

deep fried cauliflower, yum-yum sauce


Mac and Cheese image

Mac and Cheese

classic pick me up w/bacon crumbs


Seoul Kimchi image

Seoul Kimchi

cos lettuce, house made kimchi sauce, bread crumb


Octopus Carpacio image

Octopus Carpacio

blanched octopus, sour gochujang sauce, cucumber, red chilli, kelp noodles


Dairy free
Rice Cake Skewer (3pcs) image

Rice Cake Skewer (3pcs)

deep fried rice cakes w sweet & spicy gochujang sauce


Dairy free
Salmon Taco (2pcs) image

Salmon Taco (2pcs)

aburi salmon, onion, chives, ssamjang mayo, cured egg yolk on fried dumpling skin


Dairy free
Beef Taco (3pcs) image

Beef Taco (3pcs)

beef mince, tomato sauce, seasonal veges, various cheese on fried dumpling skin


Beef Tartare (2pcs) image

Beef Tartare (2pcs)

diced raw beef, yellow radish, grana padano cheese, gochujang mayo, seaweed cracker


Kimchi Pork Bun (2pcs) image

Kimchi Pork Bun (2pcs)

stir-fried kimchi, chopped pork, cos lettuce wrapped in bao bun


Fried Tofu image

Fried Tofu

deep fried tofu, shiitake mushroom, lotus chips, wasabi daikon in a ponzu sauce


Kimchi Fried Rice image

Kimchi Fried Rice

spicy kimchi fried rice, chopped pork belly w a tornado egg swirl


Spicy Pork on Rice image

Spicy Pork on Rice

spicy pork scotch, mushroom, cabbage, onion on steamed rice


Dairy free
Buldak Udon image

Buldak Udon

udon noodle, onion, capsicum, mushroom, broccoli, sausage, parmesan in a spicy creamy sauce


Rose Tteokbokki image

Rose Tteokbokki

rice cakes, sausage, seasonal veges in tomato & coconut sauce, dried olives, parmesan


Bossam image


sous vide pork belly, pickled radish, chives, ssamjang sauce


Dairy free
Chicken and Cheese image

Chicken and Cheese

spicy chicken, rice cake, perilla leaf, cabbage, onion, kumara and cheese foudue


Pork Rib image

Pork Rib

slow-cooked pork rib, potato mash, galbi sauce, grated carrot and cabbage salad


Rose Pasta image

Rose Pasta

tomato & coconut cream base, seasonal veges, olives w garlic fried chicken and bread


Black Bean Risotto image

Black Bean Risotto

black bean sauce w tofu, cabbage, onion, yellow radish, sprining onion w rice cracker


Cold Soba Noodle image

Cold Soba Noodle

buckwheat noodle, soy based broth, onion, shiitake mushroom, wasabi, seaweed


OG Fried Chicken image

OG Fried Chicken

crispy fried chicken nibbles w rice crisps


Yum-Yum Chicken image

Yum-Yum Chicken

crispy fried chicken coated w yum-yum sauce


Rosemary Fried Chicken image

Rosemary Fried Chicken

boneless fried chicken coated w extremely spicy rosemary glaze and rice cakes


Oreo Cheesecake image

Oreo Cheesecake

housemade cheese cake w raspberry compote


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